Sweet berry farms

Yesterday I went to sweet berry farms which is out in marble falls. I went with my family and I had a really fun time. We went on a hay ride that was really cool. All along the trail there was scare crows that they made. The scare crows were set up in little scenes it was really cute some were fishing, some were in school, some were cooking, some were in jail, and some were even getting married. While I was there I got a really big pumpkin I’m going to carve. At sweet berry farms they have a field of flowers. When my mom and I went into the rows of flowers we saw a cat. It was orange with dark orange stripes on it. It was really friendly and it came out and let me pet it. I told my mom that I wanted to keep it but she said it was probably happy there. I also got to feed goats there and one of them spit on me! Ewwww!

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