Austin Aquarium

Austin is getting a new aquarium that is opening this month. It will be a major family attraction. Austin doesn’t have an aquarium and the nearest one that I know about is in Corpus Christi. The aquarium will help educate children about marine animals. Aquariums help create a respect for animals and can build an interest in conservation and protecting our environment.
However the opening of the Austin aquarium is not without controversy. The family that runs the Austin aquarium is being accused of illegally shipping protected spices of sting rays and sharks out of Florida. For this offense one of the brothers is spending a year in jail. Secondly animal rights groups are claiming that the family’s aquarium in Portland has had over 200 animal deaths. The owners disputes this claim. Saying those were food for the other fish.
I am not sure where I stand on this issue. I enjoy going to aquariums but I would not like to support people who harm animals.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Sitting…waiting…wishing…hoping. She tilted her head to rest it on the windowsill. She pressed her nose against the freezing glass. She concentrated her light blue eyes on the sky. Then she shut them and in her mind she saw little white specks floating down from the sky. Back and forth they fluttered down. She saw all of her friends dashing out of their front doors. Wrapped in bundles of clothes. With their hats and gloves on. She sighed as the day dream ended. Her warm breath fogged up the window. Then with the sleeve of her shirt she whipped the fog of the window. She blinked at what she saw, and she thought I must still be dreaming. But the snow that was falling from the sky continued to fall. She grabbed her warmest coat and fuzziest boots. She raced down the stairs and out the front door.