Why friendships are important.
Have you ever been lonely? Or needed someone to listen to your problems? A friend is someone who can help you with this.
Friends can cheer you up when you are sad. For example in the movie pitch perfect when Beca got in trouble for breaking a window when she gets back to her dorm her friends are there waiting for her. That was so nice of her friends. That’s why friends are important.
In additions friends can make you laugh. For example me and my friends have so many inside joke that only we understand. I bet if someone else heard the jokes they would think we were so weird. Friends are also really important because they make you laugh.
In conclusion friends are important to make you laugh and to cheer you up. Friends are always there for you when you need them. Next time you see your friends tell them how much you appreciate your friendship.

2 thoughts on “Expository

  1. friends are a very important thing. I have a lot of inside jokes with you and my other friends. I bet that if anyone heard them they probley would just stare at us, but who really cares.

  2. You make a great point. Next time I see my friends I will tell them that I appreciate them. I like the fact that you kept going back to your origanal topic. Great job.

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