Birds of Prey

On a recent visit to Florida, I went to the Audobon Birds of Prey Center in Maitland, Florida. At the Birds of Prey Center, they work to rehabilitate injured birds with the goal of releasing them to the wild. Birds that cannot be rehabilitated remain at the Birds of Prey Center. Among the birds that I saw there were osprey, American bald eagle, peregrine falcons, barn owl and hawks. I was disappointed because we got there shortly before closing time. I was thinking that we would not have a lot of time to see many of the birds. Instead, I got to see the workers move many of the birds from their daytime cages to the cages where they stay at night. The employees kindly spent a long time talking about the birds. They told us their breeds, names, injuries, how they were found, and how long each bird had been at the Center.

Here is a link to their website if you are interested in learning more about the Birds of Prey Center:

Audobon Birds of Prey Center






2 thoughts on “Birds of Prey

  1. Hi Margaret,

    Mrs. Kriese here, your mentor for the Edublogs student blogging challenge.

    I love seeing your photos here. They add so much to your already interesting and expressive post. That eagle is especially gorgeous. How fortunate you were to see one up close!

    Including a link to the Audubon Society page was a great idea, too. I browsed around for a bit and was reminded of just how endangered some of these birds have been and are. Thanks for sharing.

    The “About Me” page is this week’s assignment for the challenge, and yours looks great. I’ll keep visiting your blog throughout the challenge. I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

    :- )
    Mrs. Kriese

    • Thanks for reading my blog post. I’m glad that you liked it. Over spring break, I got to see brown pelicans in Florida. I learned that they were nearly extinct before a pesticide called DDT was banned. Now they have made a comeback and are no longer on the endangered species list.

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