It’s a Small World

Live music festivals, cool historical land marks, race tracks, and a awesome football team. What’s not to love about about the exciting city of Austin Texas? In Austin, the well known motto is “Keep Austin Weird” which I feel completely fits!
I live in Austin, Texas, USA. Austin is such a cool place to live and to visit. It’s cool because there is so many places to go and things to see. One of the many cool places to visit in Texas is the Alamo in San Antonio. That is where the battle of the Alamo took place. Austin is known as the music capital of the world. Just last week South by Southwest was held in Austin. Additionally there is another annual music festival called Austin City Limits. Austin has the only Formula One race track in the U.S. The Formula One races are really fun. I have gone the last two years with my dad and had a great time watching all the cars speed around the track.
Another reason Texas is a popular place to visit is that Texas is in the southern U.S. so the temperatures in Austin are usually quite hot. Snow or ice are a rare occurrence. However, this year we were fortunate enough to see a little snow. The hot weather makes it enjoyable to visit lakes, rivers, and water parks, like Schlitterbahn. In Texas, tubing is a fun summer activity. I have gone tubing on the Guadalupe River with my family many times.
Texans are proud of the Texas Longhorns. Austin is also home to the University of Texas. The football team of the University of Texas is the Texas Longhorns. Who, by the way, are awesome!! “The Eyes of Texas” which is the UT fight song some people consider to be the official song of Austin. The state song for Texas is “Texas, Our Texas.” Texas’s state flower is the bluebonnet. A pretty blue flower that around this time of year is usually seen growing on the side of the road.
I think that Austin Texas is a great place to visit thanks to all the unique places you can go to, fun things to do, and cool things to see. Hopefully now you realize just how interesting (or weird) of a place Austin Texas is. Austin is a popular travel travel destination with good weather and lots of attractions.