My favorite poem

“I am from”

I am from the water
I am from “kick faster!”
I am from chlorine
I am from kick boards
I am from swim caps
I am from flippers
I am from goggles
I am from diving blocks
I am from flip turns
I am from starts and finishes
I am from practice
I am from determination
I am from hard work
I am from Lost Creek Aquatics

What inspired me to write this poem was swimming. When we were doing “I am from” poems in class I thought it would be more interesting to write about my swim team than about my home. I have been swimming since I was 6 years old so I feel like swimming is a lot where I am from.

Favorite Stuffed Animal

When I was little I just couldn’t do without my favorite stuffed animal named Baby Lala. I would take the stuffed animal with me to daycare every day. I would carry it out to the play ground at recess. I would go down the slide with it in my arms and swing on the swing with it. I always had to have it snuggled in my arms. It was the most special stuffed animal out of my mountain of stuffed animals.
Before I got Baby Lala I had a big stuffed animal named Lala. I would take it to daycare every day. Then my teacher told my parents that my stuffed animal was too big. It was so big that when I went to recess I had to tuck it under my arm. So I got another stuffed animal giraffe that I named Mommy Lala and changed the name of the other stuffed animal to Daddy Lala. When I started to take Mommy Lala to day care my teacher once again said that it was too big. So my parents got me a even smaller stuffed animal that I named Baby Lala. When I took the small giraffe in my hands to daycare my teacher said that it was small enough.
It was yellow with a pale purple spot on each side. It had purple fuzzy mane down its head and neck, little horns with fuzz balls on the ends, little black eyes, and a white sheep on one of its sides. It also had a rattle inside of it that would make a noise when I shook.
Today I only have Mommy Lala and Baby Lala I think that Daddy Lala got lost when we moved a few years ago. I’m sad that I lost the original Lala.

This is a picture of Mommy Lala (left) and Baby Lala (right.)

The Screamer

My legs dangled over the edge of the tower. Maybe this was not such a good idea after all, I thought to myself as I stared down at the terrifying drop below me.
All I could feel was the cord dragging me towards the giant pole that was so far away. It was yanking at the harness that wrapped around my waist and in-between my legs. It pulled with the force of a body builder, pulling me towards the drop below. It was terrifyingly steep and I just wanted to walk back down the stairs I came up on. I can do this I told me self. In my head I counted, three… two… one… Go!!
I scooted off the edge and plummeted straight down,towards the solid unforgiving ground. I was petrified as I fell. The feeling of the fall made it feel like the gravity was ten times stronger. The adrenaline rush was exhilarating. Then my heart leaped into my throat and my stomach flipped making me feel nauseous.
Next, I felt a forceful tug as I swung up, opposite from where I started. Looking down I felt like a giant, towering over my friends and my mom. Then I started to swing back down again, but this time I didn’t feel quite as scared as I had the first time I fell. I had already fallen once and survived. This time I enjoyed falling. The wind blew my hair back out of my face as I fell and the cool breeze felt refreshing. I continued to swing back and forth, every time I swung up I was slightly lower than the previous swing until I slowly came to a stop.
I believe that if you are afraid to do something you should have an open mind because what may seem scary can turn out to be fun. Before, I was frightened to go on the ride and I wanted to back out and give up. After I did it I had fun and if I get the opportunity to do it again I definitely would. I know that if I do it again I would view my legs dangling over the edge of the tower as a positive and excited feeling.