Favorite Stuffed Animal

When I was little I just couldn’t do without my favorite stuffed animal named Baby Lala. I would take the stuffed animal with me to daycare every day. I would carry it out to the play ground at recess. I would go down the slide with it in my arms and swing on the swing with it. I always had to have it snuggled in my arms. It was the most special stuffed animal out of my mountain of stuffed animals.
Before I got Baby Lala I had a big stuffed animal named Lala. I would take it to daycare every day. Then my teacher told my parents that my stuffed animal was too big. It was so big that when I went to recess I had to tuck it under my arm. So I got another stuffed animal giraffe that I named Mommy Lala and changed the name of the other stuffed animal to Daddy Lala. When I started to take Mommy Lala to day care my teacher once again said that it was too big. So my parents got me a even smaller stuffed animal that I named Baby Lala. When I took the small giraffe in my hands to daycare my teacher said that it was small enough.
It was yellow with a pale purple spot on each side. It had purple fuzzy mane down its head and neck, little horns with fuzz balls on the ends, little black eyes, and a white sheep on one of its sides. It also had a rattle inside of it that would make a noise when I shook.
Today I only have Mommy Lala and Baby Lala I think that Daddy Lala got lost when we moved a few years ago. I’m sad that I lost the original Lala.

This is a picture of Mommy Lala (left) and Baby Lala (right.)

2 thoughts on “Favorite Stuffed Animal

  1. I love the way that you describe the stuffed animals and say what their names are. I also like how you added a picture so the reader can se what they look like. I like your wording and how you were creative with it. Your writing is really good and I can’t wait to read more.

  2. This is such a good post! Your relationship to your stuffed animal is a lot like mine with my stuffed animal Ducky. It’s so cute how it was like a family with the mom dad and baby. The picture is also really cute and the stuffed animal is in really good condition. Great post! Keep up the good work:)

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