Reflection: Seventh Grade

When I fist arrived in August I felt excited. I was no longer at the bottom of the food chain in sixth grade but I wasn’t quite at the top yet in eighth grade. I was ready for what ever seventh grade would through at me. Right after the first bell rang I walked in my brand new back to school outfit to science. Science class was fun and easy we talked about the way an apple looked! I thought, “This is going to be the easiest grade of my life!”
The easy breezy fist impression of seventh grade was soon obviated. Tests! quizzes! learning checks! I soon realized seventh grade was no joking matter. By October my life had changed it had been flooded by homework. As for science after the first few days of school things got serious. We got into all of the body systems. The cool, the easy, and the awkward.
As the first few weeks went by I figured out that good grades don’t come with little effort they have to be earned. In seventh grade I learned many valuable lessons. I learned that you need to learn from your mistakes so that you don’t make them again. I learned that you should not wait till the night before things are due to turn them in because that makes for lots of work. You need to pace yourself. I learned that to be successful you have work hard.
As the year comes to a close I can’t wait for summer and sadly the I still have lots of work. In seventh grade we are probably going to keep working until the school year is almost completely over. In younger grades the last few weeks of school we don’t do much work.
If I had it to do over again I would go to celebration west ridge again. Not because something went wrong but for the opposite reason. I want to do it again because it was so fun.
My advice to next years seventh graders is work hard and turn in your work in time.


Leadership is a big responsibility because to be a leader you need to have good judgment. As a leader you are probably being looking up to or followed by others. If faced with a difficult problem a leader needs to be able to work around the problem in a smart way or else they could lead others to do something wrong or in an unsafe way. As kids we are adventurous and are always looking for ways to have fun. If one kid who others look up to makes a bad decision they could lead others in a bad way and possibly put them in a dangerous situation. A good leader would be able to distinguish what is a good or a bad decision. They should even be able to tell others that they are making a bad decision when they are.
Likewise leaders also need to be able to stay calm and in control. Panicking and/or freaking out can also lead to bad decisions. I volunteer at the Austin Animal Center. There they teach the volunteers and staff that if you are ever in a situation where an animal gets loose or where animals are fighting that you need to be a good leader, stay calm, and stay in control of the situation. Freaking out in a situation like this could only make maters worse. In stead think before you act and focus on your safety.
It’s a big responsibility to be a leader you need to have good judgment and remember that you are being looked up to.