The Screamer

My legs dangled over the edge of the tower. Maybe this was not such a good idea after all, I thought to myself as I stared down at the terrifying drop below me.
All I could feel was the cord dragging me towards the giant pole that was so far away. It was yanking at the harness that wrapped around my waist and in-between my legs. It pulled with the force of a body builder, pulling me towards the drop below. It was terrifyingly steep and I just wanted to walk back down the stairs I came up on. I can do this I told me self. In my head I counted, three… two… one… Go!!
I scooted off the edge and plummeted straight down,towards the solid unforgiving ground. I was petrified as I fell. The feeling of the fall made it feel like the gravity was ten times stronger. The adrenaline rush was exhilarating. Then my heart leaped into my throat and my stomach flipped making me feel nauseous.
Next, I felt a forceful tug as I swung up, opposite from where I started. Looking down I felt like a giant, towering over my friends and my mom. Then I started to swing back down again, but this time I didn’t feel quite as scared as I had the first time I fell. I had already fallen once and survived. This time I enjoyed falling. The wind blew my hair back out of my face as I fell and the cool breeze felt refreshing. I continued to swing back and forth, every time I swung up I was slightly lower than the previous swing until I slowly came to a stop.
I believe that if you are afraid to do something you should have an open mind because what may seem scary can turn out to be fun. Before, I was frightened to go on the ride and I wanted to back out and give up. After I did it I had fun and if I get the opportunity to do it again I definitely would. I know that if I do it again I would view my legs dangling over the edge of the tower as a positive and excited feeling.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Sitting…waiting…wishing…hoping. She tilted her head to rest it on the windowsill. She pressed her nose against the freezing glass. She concentrated her light blue eyes on the sky. Then she shut them and in her mind she saw little white specks floating down from the sky. Back and forth they fluttered down. She saw all of her friends dashing out of their front doors. Wrapped in bundles of clothes. With their hats and gloves on. She sighed as the day dream ended. Her warm breath fogged up the window. Then with the sleeve of her shirt she whipped the fog of the window. She blinked at what she saw, and she thought I must still be dreaming. But the snow that was falling from the sky continued to fall. She grabbed her warmest coat and fuzziest boots. She raced down the stairs and out the front door.


I am from…

I am from the water
I am from “kick faster!”
I am from chlorine
I am from kick boards
I am from swim caps
I am from flippers
I am from goggles
I am from diving blocks
I am from flip turns
I am from starts and finishes
I am from practice
I am from determination
I am from hard work
I am from LCA


Renaissance Festival

Last weekend I went to the renaissance festival with my mom, my dad, and my brother. We meet my dads cousin Leslie, his wife Amy, and their daughter Lila, my two year old second cousin. I had so much fun I got to go bungee jumping. I also got to go on a little tea cup ride with Lila and my brother. Lila is so cute she kept on laughing the whole time. My brother and I did a maze, and we got lost a few times. At the end of the day I got to watch jousting it was really cool. I have not gone in a few years before last weekend and I hope I can go again.

This is the pic of my brother, Lila and I on the ride.

Sweet berry farms

Yesterday I went to sweet berry farms which is out in marble falls. I went with my family and I had a really fun time. We went on a hay ride that was really cool. All along the trail there was scare crows that they made. The scare crows were set up in little scenes it was really cute some were fishing, some were in school, some were cooking, some were in jail, and some were even getting married. While I was there I got a really big pumpkin I’m going to carve. At sweet berry farms they have a field of flowers. When my mom and I went into the rows of flowers we saw a cat. It was orange with dark orange stripes on it. It was really friendly and it came out and let me pet it. I told my mom that I wanted to keep it but she said it was probably happy there. I also got to feed goats there and one of them spit on me! Ewwww!

Halloween Costumes

Three day weekends are so much fun. On three day weekends I get to hang out with my friends and family. There is a three day weekend this week because it is Columbus Day on Monday.
Saturday night I went to a Halloween store called Spirit with my best friend, my mom, and my brother. My friend and I were looking for group Halloween costumes. The reason being six other girls and I are going trick-or-treating together. We all want to wear matching costumes or the same themed costumes. When I was at Spirit with my friend we saw super hero costumes that were super cute. There was Robin, Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, and superman.
We had before thought about being minions from despicable me but not everyone was happy about that idea (I wasn’t in love with it myself). So we abandoned that idea. I think super heroes would be a good idea. At the moment only one of the six girls knows about the idea I will probably tell the other five on Tuesday at school. I really want to do something as a group and I hope none of the girls give up on trying to figure something out. Does anyone have any ideas about what seven girls can wear as a group for Halloween?



With my friends
Beside the crashing waves
Below the clear blue sky
In the blazing sun
On top of a swaying hammock
Between two palm trees
Above white crystal sand
Among many other sunburned people
Sipping my slushy.