All Region Choir

I am competing in something called all region choir this weekend on Saturday. I am really nervous because we are being judged by I think three Judges who will listen to us sing. They will rank us by a scale of 300 to one. One being the worst and 300 being the best. As the name all region choir implies it’s auditioning to be in the all region choir. Which is made up of the girls that score the best at the additions. Usually only around the top 15 to 20 girls make it into the all region choir. The choir is made up of girl from many different schools. For the additions we were given four songs to learn. The songs are ain’t no mountain high enough, a red red rose, Kyrie, and a maidens farewell. We had to learn all four songs but at the additions we only sing about two or three pages of two of those four songs. They did not tell us the “cuts” which is what part of which songs we would be singing until three days before the actual additions which was yesterday. The songs the judges chose are a maidens farewell and a red red rose. I have been practicing really hard and hope I do good.