All Region Choir

I am competing in something called all region choir this weekend on Saturday. I am really nervous because we are being judged by I think three Judges who will listen to us sing. They will rank us by a scale of 300 to one. One being the worst and 300 being the best. As the name all region choir implies it’s auditioning to be in the all region choir. Which is made up of the girls that score the best at the additions. Usually only around the top 15 to 20 girls make it into the all region choir. The choir is made up of girl from many different schools. For the additions we were given four songs to learn. The songs are ain’t no mountain high enough, a red red rose, Kyrie, and a maidens farewell. We had to learn all four songs but at the additions we only sing about two or three pages of two of those four songs. They did not tell us the “cuts” which is what part of which songs we would be singing until three days before the actual additions which was yesterday. The songs the judges chose are a maidens farewell and a red red rose. I have been practicing really hard and hope I do good.

Austin Aquarium

Austin is getting a new aquarium that is opening this month. It will be a major family attraction. Austin doesn’t have an aquarium and the nearest one that I know about is in Corpus Christi. The aquarium will help educate children about marine animals. Aquariums help create a respect for animals and can build an interest in conservation and protecting our environment.
However the opening of the Austin aquarium is not without controversy. The family that runs the Austin aquarium is being accused of illegally shipping protected spices of sting rays and sharks out of Florida. For this offense one of the brothers is spending a year in jail. Secondly animal rights groups are claiming that the family’s aquarium in Portland has had over 200 animal deaths. The owners disputes this claim. Saying those were food for the other fish.
I am not sure where I stand on this issue. I enjoy going to aquariums but I would not like to support people who harm animals.

Renaissance Festival

Last weekend I went to the renaissance festival with my mom, my dad, and my brother. We meet my dads cousin Leslie, his wife Amy, and their daughter Lila, my two year old second cousin. I had so much fun I got to go bungee jumping. I also got to go on a little tea cup ride with Lila and my brother. Lila is so cute she kept on laughing the whole time. My brother and I did a maze, and we got lost a few times. At the end of the day I got to watch jousting it was really cool. I have not gone in a few years before last weekend and I hope I can go again.

This is the pic of my brother, Lila and I on the ride.

Sweet berry farms

Yesterday I went to sweet berry farms which is out in marble falls. I went with my family and I had a really fun time. We went on a hay ride that was really cool. All along the trail there was scare crows that they made. The scare crows were set up in little scenes it was really cute some were fishing, some were in school, some were cooking, some were in jail, and some were even getting married. While I was there I got a really big pumpkin I’m going to carve. At sweet berry farms they have a field of flowers. When my mom and I went into the rows of flowers we saw a cat. It was orange with dark orange stripes on it. It was really friendly and it came out and let me pet it. I told my mom that I wanted to keep it but she said it was probably happy there. I also got to feed goats there and one of them spit on me! Ewwww!

My Dog in a Wig

Today I spent a long time looking through old photos on my computer. Some of the pictures were from when I was a one year old. When I was little I smiled really funny. The picture were really because cool you could see to see how things changed. The computers were so huge it looked like there was a box taped to the back of it. Another one of the pictures was my old dog, Buster, with my grandma’s wig on his head. The picture made my mom and I laugh really hard. I would suggest looking through some of your old photos. It can be really fun. In case you wanted to see here is the picture of my old dog, Buster, in a wig.


Here is a pic of my new dog, Hazel Nut, in a robber’s mask. I took this picture today


Halloween Costumes

Three day weekends are so much fun. On three day weekends I get to hang out with my friends and family. There is a three day weekend this week because it is Columbus Day on Monday.
Saturday night I went to a Halloween store called Spirit with my best friend, my mom, and my brother. My friend and I were looking for group Halloween costumes. The reason being six other girls and I are going trick-or-treating together. We all want to wear matching costumes or the same themed costumes. When I was at Spirit with my friend we saw super hero costumes that were super cute. There was Robin, Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, and superman.
We had before thought about being minions from despicable me but not everyone was happy about that idea (I wasn’t in love with it myself). So we abandoned that idea. I think super heroes would be a good idea. At the moment only one of the six girls knows about the idea I will probably tell the other five on Tuesday at school. I really want to do something as a group and I hope none of the girls give up on trying to figure something out. Does anyone have any ideas about what seven girls can wear as a group for Halloween?